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Our Lady of Peace is a Traditional Catholic Chapel, where only the Traditional Latin Mass is offered. This is the Tridentine rite, which is guaranteed Ex Cathedra as THE True Mass "in perpetuity", and whose Canon was inviolate for over a thousand years before the sweeping changes of the Vatican II Council in the early 1960's. The chapel is associated with the Society of St. Pius V - an organization of Traditional Catholic priests dedicated to the solidly established and unchangeable dogma of the Catholic Church as faithfully represented by the Traditional Latin Mass and the administration of the Traditional Sacraments. Only the rubrics of the Latin Rite Mass according to the Roman Missal (Missale Romanum) of 1954 are used, which precede the liturgical changes implemented in 1955 as well as the dramatic changes of the Vatican II Council and its "New Order". Here, St. Paul's admonition to hold firmly to tradition is taken seriously.


Just off I-95 about half an hour's drive from Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach Florida, Our Lady of Peace Chapel is at 2121 South Seacrest Boulevard, 1/4 mile south of Woolbright Rd in Boynton Beach. Take the Woolbright Rd exit off I-95 and head east 1/4 mile towards the beaches. At the 1st stop light, turn right onto Seacrest heading south. The chapel is set well back from the road on the right (west) side, a block past the cemetery. Click here for map.

The traditional Latin Mass is offered on Sunday's (typically 4:00 or 5:00 pm), and often on the next day (Monday) starting between 730 and 930 am . 

Due to frequent changes in airline schedules, it is best to call the local coordinator at 954 214 5019 to confirm Mass times.

Visitors Are Always Welcome

You are most welcome and encouraged to attend Mass. If you are unfamiliar with the requirements of the Traditional sacraments, we only ask that you defer taking Holy Communion until you can confer with the priest regarding its reception. Also, out of respect for our Lord's presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament, the faithful should dress modestly while assisting at Holy Mass.

Sunday Sermons

Listen to the current Sunday Sermons of the priests.  They are repeated throughout the following week, and the site often includes recordings from previous years

Read catechism and apologetics by Fr. William Jenkins.

Pope St. Pius V
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